About Roteal

Constantly asking ourselves if things can be done better. That’s what we do. So that you as an installer, contractor or handyman can do your work smarter, more efficiently and cheaper.

A look behind the scenes

“Capping pipes is frustrating work. I know that from my own experience,” says René de Weerd, one of the founders of Roteal. “When I talked about it with Richt Loorbach, we decided that there must be a better way.” They joined forces. Loorbach: “We combined our strengths and that’s how the Roteal was born. Since then, the idea has grown into a serious and significant business, but with the same starting point: developing products that make the installer’s job easier.”

The founders

Richt Loorbach

“I am a commercial technician with a passion for engineering and development. I have a broad
background as a draughtsman, engineer and designer. I never shy away from a technical challenge. So neither from the frustrations in the installation and construction world. Combining the technical aspect with the commercial side, such as meeting new people and strengthening each other, is what makes me happy. Roteal brings all of that together for me.”

“I use my technical knowledge to connect and improve.”

René de Weerd

“Engineering is what inspires me. From engines, cars and technical installations for fountains to installation technology in general. Roteal was born from all these passions. For the past 12 years, I have focused on installation technology and for the past three years, I have had my own company in this sector. By taking a critical look at your work, you come up with the best ideas. Because I can relate well to the work of the installer, we at Roteal work continuously and in a very focused way on making that work easier.”

“With the Roteal, I'm solving frustrations in the installation world that are very familiar to me.”

Will you join us?

Our goal is to make the work of installers, professional repair companies and contractors easier, more sustainable and more efficient through our innovations. This is at the heart of everything we develop. We question existing solutions as much as possible with only one goal: improvement. In co-creation with our users, we arrive at new insights that lead to relevant new products and solutions. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or frustrations? Share them with us!

Our innovations

We have already developed these products.

The Roteal

For faster, more efficient and cheaper pipe capping.

The Roteal wall mount

Store your Roteals in a handy wall mount