Could it be better?

‘Could this be better, more efficient, more sustainable or quicker?’ That is always our first question. We listen carefully to experiences in practice and have many years of experience in the installation sector ourselves. As a result, we know exactly where frustrations lie and where improvements can be made. And we are happy to develop those improvements. This is how the Roteal came about, but it doesn’t stop there. We continue to innovate. Every day. How do we do that? We’d love to show you.

Our projects

The purpose of our Research & Development department? Making your installation work easier, more efficient and cheaper. That’s why we work every day on the development of new solutions. What are we currently working on? Find out here.

The Roteal for gas pipes

For an even wider application

You already use the Roteal for central heating and water pipes. But how nice would it be if you could use it in even more places? You will soon be able to fit the Roteal to gas pipelines, in compliance with all the applicable rules and standards of course. So you’ll need even fewer different materials for even more applications!

The Roteal with even more diameters

A solution for every project

Currently, the Roteal is already available for pipe diameters of 12, 15 and 22 mm. These are by far the most common diameters. But we also understand that you sometimes come across different diameters. A Roteal for other diameters will therefore be introduced on the market in the near future. What diameter would you like to use? Let us know which one you need!

Roteal with drain function

Controlled draining of the pipe

The Roteal is a reusable closing cap for sealing central heating and water pipes. We are currently developing a Roteal with a drainage function. You can then depressurise central heating or water pipes wherever you want. Greasing is a thing of the past. That saves time!

Do you have any ideas for improvements?

At Roteal, we are constantly working on innovations that make the work of installers, professional repair companies and contractors easier, more efficient and more sustainable. We don’t do this alone. By combining our own experiences with those of others, we arrive at new insights. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or frustrations that you would like to see solved? Share them with us!

Our innovations

We have already developed these products.

The Roteal

For faster, more efficient and cheaper pipe capping.

The Roteal wall mount

Store your Roteals in a handy wall mount